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Botanical origin

The most common species in Sardinia is the Eucalyptus Camaldulensis, but other species are to be mentioned such as the cultivated Eucalyptus Globulus and the Eucalyptus Viminalis. This plants is originally from Australia, it was introduced in Italy and in othe Mediterranean areas at the beginning of the 20th century for recovery and reforestation purposes.


The blossoming in Sardinia occurs in summer. This plant is very attractive for the bees not only for its nectar but also for the pollen which is very rich on proteins. A significant production of eucalyptus honey in Italy is characteristic in the coastal areas of the central-south regions, especially along the Tirrenian sea coast  (particularly in the region Lazio), in Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia. On the Ionian coast of Calabria are produced also honey types from another species of eucalyptus,the E.camaldulensis, which blooms in September-October.

Eucalyptus honey has a significat production in the countries of origins of this species (Australia and New Zeland), but also in the countries where it has been introduced as in Italy, Spain, North Africa, Israel, South Africa, Central and South America. This honey is  generally not among the  preferred ones by the consumers because of its carachteristic strong flavour and aroma, it is however used by many people for health purposes (cold, flue…) although no studies have proven its effectiveness.


Organoleptic properties

The colour varies and is light amber or dark when liquid, beige or grayish when crystallized.

This honey is very thick when liquid while in the crystallized state is particularly strong, dry with big, sandlike and sharp  crystals. Characteristic of the crystallized honey are also the interference patterns, white spots, which are actually just an aesthetic flaw due to the retraction of the crystals from the internal surface of the glass. The scent is very intense, characteristic, strong, reminishent of dry mushrooms,  or licorice, caramel, and somewhat smoked.

The taste is mild to very sweet, the aroma is mild intense but also very characteristic, recalling caramel, licorice and strongly stimulates the olfactory sense.



Therapeutic properties.

Notoriously the eucalyptus honey is an antiseptic for the breathing apparatus against laryngitis, tracheitis, coughing.

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