Who Are

The beekeeping farm LUJA was created in Bitti in 2010 by Doc. Floriana Giuliano, and focuses its activities on the production and value of the products of the hives.

Main objective of the company is to produce multi- as well as mono-floral honey with specific and characteristic essences of Sardinian nectar.

250 hives are moved between the territories of Bitti and Sassari by means of the modern process of nomadism operated by Floriana with the support of two qualified beekeepers with relevant experience and studies completed at the university of Sassari.

The company LUJA operates organic farming and is registered in the supervisory body “Suolo & Salute s.r.l.” and is part of the association of producers “SARDEGNA ISOLA BIOLOGICA”.

Among the various types of honey a special focus is on ABBATHU (know also as abbamele or sapa di miele), one of the most ancient products of the rural tradition of Sardinia.

Abbathu is a decoction of honey, pollen and citrus peel, that the ancient Sardinian beekeeper used to produce to use the residual honey from the wax after the process of manual squeezing the honeycombs. It was since then considered a very energetic nourishment consumed during the breaks from the hard work in the fields. It is indeed paradoxal that currently this product, symbol of ancient Sardinia, is not very well known throughout the island.

The strategy of the company is to strongly focus on the marketing and distribution of the ABBATHU as well as of all typical types of honey of our island to rediscover and reevaluate the flavours and traditions of our ancestors.



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